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  CSI4* Franconville
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El Zoghby dominates the Grand Prix Franconville


  Source: / Franconville, Daphné Godfroy  

The CSI4* Franconville was concluded yesterday's afternoon with the victory of Karim El Zoghby and Amelia. After a very tough Grand Prix first round, only four riders have found their way to the jump-off. The Egyptian Karim El Zoghby achieved the fastest double clear, beating the American Brianne Goutal and the Belgian Olivier Philippaerts.

  Karim El Zoghby and Amelia  
  Karim El Zoghby and Amelia. Photo © Ville de Franconville  

A beautiful sunny day made it an enjoyable opportunity for the audience to attend the CSI4* Franconville. The course designed by Jean-François Morand did not leave indifferent riders.
Marcel Rozier commented on the course, "we must not overlook the obstacles including number three the double of verticals after passing between the trees, the number five square oxer located after the river jump , the number seven yellow oxer; down, wave-shaped stockade to the exit and number ten, the triple; oxer, two strides, oxer then one stride a vertical, with a slightly shorter distance". His student, Moroccan Abdelkebir Ouaddar competed with Quickly to Kreisker, has also been surprised by the double entrance and also by the river jump.

The clock has been the number one enemy for a lot of riders. Out of the forty-three competitors, eighteen failed to return home inside the eighty-six seconds allowed.

The Jump-off

Only four riders have managed to go through a jump-off. The Belgian twenty years Olivier Philippaerts completed the first clear with Armstrong van de Kapel. The audience was kept in suspense until the Egyptian Karim El Zoghby on Amelia rode their round at full speed finishing nearly three seconds faster than Olivier. The French Julien Anquetin, finished with a total of 8 penalty points. Last to go, the American Brianne Goutal signed a perfect clear with the small Wirma, one second slower than Karim El Zoghby.

Full results of the CSI4* Grand Prix Franconville here

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