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  CHEVAL DE ROI - Jerich Parzival
ESMA 2014
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CHEVAL DE ROI - Jerich Parzival


  By Karim Mekawi  
  Top Photo Source: Adelinde Cornelissen fb ©  

So many legends have walked this earth ... So many of them have amazed us with their quality, ability and poise ... Here we talk about the horses that play a phenomenal part in our sport.

Jerich Parzival is one that has played a theatrical role in the sport and almost single - handedly revolutionized the standards of the field he is such a master at - Dressage.
That horse, with the Dutch Adelinde Cornelissen have set ablaze a beacon of success that has and will remain lit for quite some time. In other words, the glory and records that this dressage duo have achieved the past few years has definitely earned them a one way ticket to the Hall of Fame and also ... To our hearts !!


At the vet check .... Hmmm, should I do a passage? Photo Source:


Parzival here gives us a great exclusive interview (with the help of Adelinde Cornelissen of course) on his journey to success, and how he is now one of the greatest icons of modern dressage ...


esmtoday: So, you came to Adelinde when you were about 5 years old, when no one believed in you at that time. Why do you think she still chose to have you? And what experiences did you have with your previous riders for them to be scared of you?
Parzival: I was so scared of everything that I was really quick to turn around and run the other way! I guess Adelinde saw this as a challenge and tried to explain to me that all flags, umbrellas, flowers, judges' box are nothing to be scared of… and she was right…

esmtoday: What incidents do you remember when you first arrived to Adelinde Cornelissen?
Parzival: Ah yes, when we went for the first time to a different indoor arena I saw this cute little pony, but it left the indoor and I got really excited ! I started jumping and spinning around, because I wanted to check out where it went ... I broke Adelinde's upper arm into three pieces because she tried to stay on me....


esmtoday: So you made it from being a difficult, spooky and very nervous horse to World Cup, European and Olympic medal winner. Did you ever think you would make it that far?
Parzival: I never knew there was this whole big world outside! WOW ! A lot of new things I had to learn ! Not only the umbrellas and flowers, but also lots of people watching me, cameras etc… But now I love it, because as I understand they come and take pictures of me because I am so good !


I get my music choreographed by professionals, and we match it all together ...
Photo Source:


esmtoday: Tell us about your daily training, your stables and who are your friends?

Parzival: I have a perfect big room with a view outside and I can also follow everything that happens in the indoor arena… It's so nice to see the young ones struggle ! We do the training in the morning. I am always the first one, because I am the best of course ! Adelinde brushes me and tacks me up herself as I'm not so easy with the grooms… I am really picky and want to have things in the same order every day.

I love it when Adelinde uses the hard brushes, so nice ! She also takes a long time brushing me, because she knows I enjoy it ! Then we train, and like always I get the heart rate machine on so Adelinde can keep track of my heart rate. After training I always get a warm shower! I hate cold water because then I start kicking (I'm a bit spoiled ). Mostly after the shower I go under the solarium and then I take a little snooze… so nice and warm! Love it! I go back to my room, get lunch at 12 and in the afternoon I can play outside in the paddock.

In the stable I have lots of friends, but my two best friends are on each side of me: Zephyr and Zizitop… they are also talented horses, but still unexperienced, so I tell them what they can expect when they get older !


esmtoday: Talk to us about your personality now and how it has changed over the years?
Parzival: Like I said before, I used to be really scared… and now I am really self confident, I know what I can do. I also love the attention at shows and love to show off in the ring! The only thing is that when I do really good, I have to do prize- givings afterwards and then I get a bit scared again ! All those people yelling, but Adelinde tries to convince me it is because they like me…. well, I am not too sure yet ...

esmtoday: Which of Adelinde's horses are rising stars and might take your place one day when you retire?
Parzival: Oh, Nobody can take my place! and I am definitely not going to retire yet!


Nothing beats the feeling when you know you've won and no one can beat you that day ....
Photo Source:


esmtoday: Speaking of retirement, do you think that will be soon? Or will we be seeing more of you ?
Parzival: Don't worry, I will be around for a while !

esmtoday: What is one memory you will always look back to ?
Parzival: The day I met Adelinde! We are best friends forever!

esmtoday: Do you think you made Adelinde or Adelinde made you?
Parzival: We both brought out the best in each other and we really work together as a team! I fight for her and she for me ! We never let each other down !


We are so stylish ... Here at the London Olympics ! Photo Source:


esmtoday: How would you rank yourself amongst great horses like Bonfire, Salinero, Satchmo and Totilas?
Parzival: Adelinde always says I am the best !

esmtoday: What advice would you give to horses who get nervous in the show ring?
Parzival: No need to be worried, just do the best you can and they will love you!


Some of Parzival's great results include :

Team & Individual Gold and Grand Prix Freestyle Silver Medal, EU Championships 2009
2nd in WC final in s'Hertogenbosch
Won all 5 qualifiers AND won World Cup Final in Leipzig
Gold individual and Team Bronze at 2011 EU Championships
Silver Individual and Team Bronze at London Olympic Games 2012
Team Silver and Bronze Individual at 2013 EU Championships

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