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  Gerd Wiltfang
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Gerd Wiltfang (1946 - 1997)



Gerhard "Gerd" Wiltfang (27 April 1946, Stuhr, Lower Saxony – 1 July 1997 Thedinghausen) was a German equestrian and Olympic champion.

He won the gold medal in showjumping with the West German team at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. In 1978, he won the World Championship in showjumping in Aachen, and in 1982 the silver medal in Dublin.

  Gerd Wiltfang  

Gerd Wiltfang (GER) riding Askan – Olympic team gold 1972 in Munich.
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He was discovered in 1964, at the age of 17, by Alwin Schockemöhle, who brought him to Mühlen and took him under his wings. Already in 1965 Wiltfang took his first big international victory winning the Amsterdam Grand Prix on Schockemöhle's Freiherr. A year later, then 20 years old, he became German champion on Ferdl and Ferrara (he won the German Championship two more times, on Askan in 1971 and on Roman in 1979).

In 1967 he started riding for the rich German sponsor Josef Kun in Homberg. Kun bought him great horses and in 1971 the greatest of them all, the grey Hanoverian Askan for a world record sum from Paul Schockemöhle. The same year Wiltfang won the King George V Gold Cup on Askan. A year later they were part of the gold medal winning German team at Munich Olympics, but although being the big favourite he failed in the individual competition. He won the Aachen Grand Prix in 1976 on Davos. In 1977 he entered the scene on a new superhorse called Roman. It was with Roman that he won his greatest title, the World Championships in Aachen 1978, beating Eddie Macken by a quarter of a time fault. In 1979 he won another great title on Roman, becoming European Champion in Rotterdam. The couple also won the 1979 Derby in Hamburg. Among his other successful horses were Dämon, Goldika, Dorian Grey, Abadan, Galipolis and Duell.

Wiltfang died in 1997 of heart failure.

  Gerd Wiltfang  

Gerd Wiltfang - Roman, World Champion 1978 in Aachen.
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Olympic Games
1972 in Munich: Team gold medal on Askan

World Championships
1978 in Aachen: Individual gold medal on Roman
1982 in Dublin: Team silver medal on Roman

European Championships
1977 in Vienna: Team bronze medal on Davos
1979 in Rotterdam: Team silver medal and Individual gold medal on Roman
1981 in Munich: Team gold medal on Roman

German Championships
Champion 1966, 1971 and 1979

CHIO Aachen
Winner of the Aachen Grand Prix in1976 on Davos

Hamburg Derby
Winner in 1979 on Roman

  Gerd Wiltfang  

Gerd Wiltfang - Roman. Photo Source:



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